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About: Just Backing Tracks

We're about simplicity! Just Backing Tracks distributes professional MP3 Backing Tracks for singers, students, bands and for anyone that wants to sing along to popular songs. The quality of our MP3 backing tracks is sensational ! It's easy to download backing tracks.

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Just Backing Tracks - MP3 Format

Our MP3 backing tracks play on almost any device including cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, backing track/karaoke devices and home stereo's. In fact any device that supports MP3 format will playback our backing tracks!

How Often Do We Release NEW Backing Tracks?

We release new MP3 backing tracks every week so make sure you check the 'send email' box in the UPDATE section of your dashboard.

About the Backing Tracks

Our MP3 backing tracks are created using a mix of MIDI technology, Instrument samples and in some instances, live instruments.



Need MIDI Files?

MIDI Files are available from our parent company Hit Trax MIDI Files. Download MIDI Files @ www.MIDI.com.au


Royalty Paid Downloads

Each backing track download sends royalty payments to the songwriters. Royalties protect and remunerate songwriters, artists and producers their dues. It is paramount our music community of singers, performers and song distributors recognise the works of these fine songwriters.