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MP3 Backing Track

This format is a backing track using instrument samples and MIDI instruments. There are no backing vocals in this format.


Live Band MP3 Backing Track

This format is a backing track using live musicians, instrument samples and MIDI instruments. Some song files may include live backing singers

Refund/Exchange Policy

We exchange where item is faulty
No refunds based on wrong selection

About the Backing Tracks

Each MP3 backing track is displayed by title, artist and backing track type (Standard MP3 and MP3 Live Band).



Need MIDI Files?

MIDI Files are available from our parent company Hit Trax MIDI Files. Download MIDI Files @ www.MIDI.com.au


Royalty Paid Downloads

Each backing track download sends royalty payments to the songwriters. Royalties protect and remunerate songwriters, artists and producers their dues. It is paramount our music community of singers, performers and song distributors recognise the works of these fine songwriters.