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Hit Trax is AMCOS Licensed

Hit Trax is licensed through AMCOS. Royalties from each and every sale are paid to the original songwriters.

Why are songwriters paid for backing tracks?

Copyright is a simple concept. A person creates a 'work'. In this instance, the 'work' is a song. The song is written, recorded, played on the radio and becomes a hit. The 'work' is marketable and other people make profits from the 'work'. Profits may come from other people recording the song, jingles and adverts, sheet music, backing tracks, karaoke and so on. If songwriters had never written and recorded all those great tunes then Hit Trax would not exist and entertainers would certainly be doing something else other than performing music. Backing tracks are an indirect product of the 'works'. It stands to reason that royalties are due to the original songwriters.

How are songwriters paid?

Royalty fees for each download are collected by AMCOS, a non-profit licensing body for musical works. Hit Trax provides regular sales statements and payment of royalty fees to AMCOS, and AMCOS sends those payments to the songwriters.

Being licensed means being legal

Musicians, performers, singers, music creators and so on are all part of one big musical industry. Being licensed means everyone gets paid and we feel great knowing the music services we provide are legal. Remember, for every illegal download, the songwriter or musical creator gets nothing.


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