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How to Buy & Download
MIDIfiles Backing Tracks

How to Buy in 5 easy steps

1: Sign in or 'Become a Member' if you are new to Hit Trax
2: Search for a MIDIfile by title or artist
3: Click BUY button for either MIDI (file) or MP3 version (or both)
4: Click View Cart to review, delete and add more song files
5: Checkout, secure pay and instant download


  • Hit Trax is your one stop e-store for licensed backing tracks. See the PRICES page for details.
  • All backing tracks have a demo. Play the demo to confirm you have the correct version.
    • Click 'Details' for in-depth information about the song file, video's, song lyrics and Genius recommendations.
  • Click 'View Cart' to review selections, remove unwanted songs or incorrect formats and add more songs.
  • Use PayPal Express checkout or Credit Card option for fast secure checkout.
  • Download the song files after making payment.


Hit Trax will refund, exchange or credit to your Hit Trax account the price of an item where the item is faulty or does not meet our quality control. Refunds, exchanges and credit do not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Where the fault can be fixed
  • Incorrect choices, including song title and format (MIDI/MP3)
  • Minor variances to the arrangement of a backing track
  • Subjective opinion about the mix or other variables within a backing track
  • Instances where the buyer does not apply common diligence to the purchase
  • The absence of lyrics or embedded lyrics
  • The absence of a melody line in a MIDIfile
  • Claims that requests for support were not responded to without a reasonable time allowed
    for a team member to respond

We try our best to ensure the song files and other products on our web site are detailed as accurately as possible. In the absence of a sales person, web site's rely on the due diligence of the customer to choose and purchase the correct products. Follow these steps to help make the correct choices when purchasing your backing tracks:

  • Learn the difference between MIDI and MP3 - Click Here
  • Listen to the demo file by clicking the Demo button
  • Always click View Cart before checkout and remove any incorrect selections
  • Always contact our support team if uncertain about an item before you pay
  • If you have paid for backing tracks and realise there is an error, do not download the files. Contact Hit Trax and we will assist. A full or partial refund and file exchange can be made provided our server logs verify the order was not downloaded.

Contact Hit Trax

Need help or have a general enquiry? Click here to send us an email or use the contact form or call us at the cost of a local call from anywhere in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia.. Call anytime, even out of hours and leave a voice mail stating your name, phone number and a short message. Our friendly support team will call back at a suitable time in your time zone, Mon-Fri.

USA local call number: 347  983  1300

US Pacific Time:   call us between 4pm and midnight
US Eastern Time: call us between 7pm and 3am

United Kingdom local call number: 020  8123  1125

Call us between 11pm and 8am

Australia local call number: 03  9005  6310

Australian Eastern Time: call us between 8.30am and 4pm