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Find and download ChordPro song chords and lyrics. ChordPro (also known as Chordie) are lyric & chord files that load and display on PC, MAC, IOS, Android tablets and smart phones. Many singers and performers are using Chordie lyric and chord files at gigs on iPads and Tablets replacing printed lyric sheets.

Chord sheets - the musician's friend ...

  • Easy way to view lyrics and chords on stage

  • Perfect for learning new songs

  • Very useful for bands with a changing band line up

  • Save time at rehearsals. Musician's follow the chord sheet and sync with the vocalist

  • No more forgetful moments .... what was that chord?

Search and download Chordie song lyrics and chords

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Note: ChordPro is not affilated with Hit Trax. Some editing may be required. Hit Trax is not responsible for the accuracy of lyric/chord files accessed through the Chordie web site.