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MIDI Songs

What are MIDI Songs?

MIDI Songs are MIDI Files. MIDI is short for Musical instrument Digital Interface, a common language so electronic music devices from different manufacturers can communicate. MIDI is the powerhouse language behind all great backing tracks and it's surprisingly easy to learn!

How to make a MIDI song

Almost every performer using backing tracks on stage is using a MIDI Song. The original song file is created using sequencing apps like Logic, Sonar, Cakewalk, Cubase and Pro Tools. Producers will create the Professional MIDI File backing track by carefully recreating each part of the original song, instrument by instrument. MIDI Songs are often converted to MP3 and WAV files.

Where are the sounds in a MIDI Song?

A MIDI File does not make sound but sends signals to a receiving device like a MIDI File Player or VST samples. This is why MIDI song file sizes are very small - usually under 45kb! It's the quality of the MIDI sounds that make a MIDI Song sound awesome or so-so. Computers and laptops have a 20 cent sound chip! There's no way your MIDI Song will sound anywhere near its capability.

MIDI Song Player - Merish

A MIDI Song will sound incredibly realistic and powerful when played through a dedicated MIDI File sound module like the popular MERISH or other devices made by Roland, Yamaha and Korg.

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