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Backing Tracks

What is a Backing Track?

Backing tracks are used by singers and bands. Popular uses are backing tracks for guitar practice, backing tracks for Karaoke, Bass and drum backing tracks where musicians like guitarists, bass players, drummers and so on play along to a music track.

How are Backing Tracks made?

Backing tracks are created by a live band, or by MIDI and sample sequencing, or by a combination of both. It's far more economical to create backing tracks using MIDI and sample sequencing. Most often, a single musician can accomplish that task using a MIDI input device like a MIDI keyboard-controller, a MIDI playback device or VST instruments and a sequencing app. Hit Trax producers use Logic, Cubase, Sonar or Cakewalk. These are the most popular professional apps for this purpose. They contain a wide range of features preferred by song producers.

Home use and Professional use

Karaoke and home users can enjoy hours of fun using MP3 backing tracks on any player, TV or IOS/android device. Professional performers will mostly use a dedicated device to play and edit their backing tracks like the MERISH.

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