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Free MIDIfile Editor

MIDI Notate for Hit Trax

A free Windows App to edit and customize MIDI Files

Here's a free MIDI File editor for PC specially created for Hit Trax. MIDI Notate for Hit Trax is a basic and so easy to use App to customize your MIDI File backing tracks. The App is simple in design so it's perfectly suited to beginners and novices. The included instruction sheet is written for beginners and easy to understand. As a bonus, MIDI Notate prints sheet music from the MIDI File.


  • Change key (pitch)
  • Change tempo
  • Mute instruments
  • Adjust overall volume
  • Print sheet music
  • Instruction sheet included with download

MIDI Notate is a bare bones editor but it's perfect for fast tempo, transpose and MIDI instrument mutes on your MIDI Files. Simply load in the MIDI File, update desired settings and save as a MIDI File. TIP: On saving, click the 'format type' drop box and select .MID (MIDI File). If you do not select the .MID option, MIDI Notate will save in its own native format and the song file will not play on your MIDI device.

Download Free MIDI File Editor

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