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Professional MIDI Files Karaoke-MIDI

What is a Professional MIDI File (Karaoke-MIDI)

MIDI Files have been around since the early 1980's. Over the decades, techniques and expectations of the MIDI File dramatically increased. Almost anyone can create basic MIDI Files but creating a Professional MIDI File takes considerable musical and music programming abilities.

In the early days of Hit Trax, we felt it sufficient to sequence the backing track and allow users to modify mix and sounds according to their own MIDI File player. Remember, back in the 1980's there was no "General MIDI", computer software, sample libraries and Internet. MIDI song files were known as "Standard MIDI File" or SMF's. Musicians using MIDI backing tracks had sound modules and drum machines.

Hit Trax Professional MIDI Files

At Hit Trax, I see all levels of MIDI programming by the 100's of submissions we receive every year. Hopeful programmers send MIDI Files with the desire we distribute their works. The truth is, and I say this will due respect, most efforts fail the high level of quality our customers expect. But, every now and then we discover someone with exceptional talent and we snap up these producers for their superior musical and programming skills. This is what separates poor and often unusable MIDI Files from high quality Professional MIDI Files.

Free MIDI vs Professional MIDI Files

Almost all free MIDI downloads we see over the internet are either very poor quality, or stolen commercial works and illegally uploaded. I won't get into an ethics discussion here because people who know me know my views on piracy, but let's just say this. As a performer using backing tracks on stage, do you want to sound like a poor mans Karaoke or do you want to give your audience the best possible sound out of that PA you paid thousands of dollars for?

Professional Singers Musicians and Bands

Hit Trax have quality control, accuracy targets, consistent levels, arranged endings and a desire to create MIDI Files that professionals and semi professional performers can use with confidence. Having professional MIDI File backing tracks as your 'backing band 'makes sense. It's a small investment in professional pride. Presentation is everything and having a professional sound justifies the hours of rehearsal and gig management time you put into your live act. An investment of just $500.00 buys you around 100 professional MIDI Files - more than enough to do most gigs and this cost is recouped in one or two gigs.

Article by John Ialuna, founder and director of Hit Trax.


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